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Dan’s Last Shot

Wild Game Processing, Specialty Meats
Dan’s Last Shot

Business Owners: Dan & Heidi O’Bryan


Dan’s Last Shot is a family owned business. We have specialized in wild game processing since 2001. Hunting in South Dakota is an exhilarating experience. Dan’s is excited to turn your harvest in to your favorite cuts and sausages. We would love to visit with you about any of our meats or pricing. We offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs. Our pheasant cleaning services include filleted breast, left whole, smoked, turned in to our popular pheasant summer sausage. All meat will be vacuumed sealed. Upon request, we will pack your game and ship it via FedEx to your destination. We also offer a pheasant pickup and delivery service to local hunting lodges. Deer Processing: At Dan’s, we are hunters ourselves. We take pride in offering high quality, wild game processing. We take care to process each order as if it was our own. Whole carcass deer are accepted. We will skin, debone, cut, grind and vacuum pack your meat. We make specialty meats to include summer sausage, bacon, hot rods, bologna, brats, and jerky. We also offer caping of your big game to prepare for your taxidermist.

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