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Winner Regional Airport

Dave Howard, Airport Manager
31629 277th Street
Winner, SD 57580
(605) 842-0740

The airport has two runways. The main runway is 5,500 feet and is concrete pavement. Total load bearing capacity for the main runway is 40,000 pounds. The other runway is 2,900 feet and a turf surface. The airport has one-hundred (100) octane aircraft fuel and jet fuel available along with maintenance services.  Air ambulance services are provided from major hospitals. Classification: A & B II.


If you have an additional question please contact the Department at (605) 842-0740.

What are the runway lengths?

Runway 13-31 is 75′ X 5,500 ft.   Runway 3-21 is 150′ X 2900 ft.

Are there instructors available?


Is there transportation available?

Yes, contact Dave at (605) 842-0740 for more info.

Is there food available at the airport?

No, downtown is 3/4 of a mile away.

Is jet fuel available?

Yes, also we have airplane gas.

For other questions you may have please contact the Airport Manager at (605) 842-0740.

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