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Marso Farms Wild Pheasants

Marso Farms Wild Pheasants

Garland Marso


Our diverse and sprawling habitats are perfect for hunters of all skill levels and desires. Whether you are a seasoned sharpshooter or a beginner, our hunting guides will have you feeling like a pro in no time. At Marso Farms, we’re all about instilling a passion for the outdoors and creating memories for our guests that will last a lifetime. Hunting out in Wiiten, South Dakota, Marso Farms Wild Birds will make your Guided Hunting Trip the best Hunting Experience of your life. Over 1700 acres, 13 ponds, 6 shelter belts, CRP, tall wheat grass, 2 slews, food plots of Milo, Corn and our own “Hunter Mix”. Hunt with the BEST. References from all over the USA are available on request. Call Garland at 307-359-5533.

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