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H & H Hunts

Business Owner:

Jesse Heese

H & H Hunts

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Physical Address

30379 315th Ave., Millboro, SD 57580

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About Us:

Fourth generation farmer and rancher, Jesse Heese, has had a love for hunting since being born and raised on the 4,500+ acre family ranch south of Winner, South Dakota. Located in Tripp County on the Nebraska border, the ranch is prime hunting for pheasant, sharp tail grouse, prairie chicken, turtle dove, chukar, turkey, quail, plus white tail deer and mule deer. Jesse also enjoys hunting prairie dog and coyote. His passion has inspired him to offer guided game hunts and personal services for others who share his love of the outdoors and hunting. With help from his parents Dale Heese and Vanessa Kenaston and others, H and H Hunts has developed into a family business. Treating everyone to a fun and relaxing hunting experience is what H and H Hunts is all about.

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