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Jorgensen Land & Cattle Partnership

Business Owner:

Bryan Jorgensen and Cody Jorgensen

Jorgensen Land & Cattle Partnership

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31250 265th St., Ideal, SD 57541

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About Us:

The Jorgensen operation began in 1909 when Martin Jorgensen, Sr. and his wife Gertrude homesteaded land near Ideal, South Dakota. Nearly 50 years later, his son Martin Jorgensen Jr. adopted the pioneering beef cattle performance breeding concepts of the late Dr. Jay Lush (Iowa State University). By the 1960s, the Jorgensen’s performance-based, line-breeding program had established their herd as “the source” for performance beef cattle genetics in the U.S. Today, the 3rd- and 4th-generations of the Jorgensen family continue the legacy of innovation through farming and cattle operations. We remain at the forefront of performance measurement, genetic analysis, and conservation. As a result, cattlemen, farmers, and hunters continue to look to “the source.” Over the past 100 years, we’ve grown from a family homestead to an operation known nationwide for its superior Angus herd, excellent certified seed, being a leader in soil health, and prime pheasant hunting. But don’t let our 12,000 acres fool you. We’re proud to remain a family operation rooted in a tradition of excellence and innovation.

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