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Peterson Beel LLP

Business Owner:

Scott Peterson & Suzy Beel

Peterson Beel LLP

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Physical Address

418 South Main St., Winner, SD 57580

Mailing Address

114 East 3rd St., Valentine, NE 69201

About Us:

The Services we offer include (but are not limited to):Business Planning and Ownership Transfers ●       Our office considers estate and business planning a seamless operation. We strategize with our clients the best business options for them given the current economic development. We provide our clients with knowledgeable advice on the current employment and business laws that effect their business. We consider how best to protect business assets and future retirement income through the use of entities. We assist with management strategies that take into account the current Internal Revenue Code and state laws regarding entity protection. We also provide out clients with effective transition planning strategies that allow for continuation of the business; either with family members or outside parties. ●       We can effectively answer all questions on how to organize your business, whether it is a start-up or an existing entity that needs reorganization. We have experience with the formation and development of subchapter S and C corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and sole proprietorships. Estate Planning ●       We take the management and maintenance of wealth acquired during our clients’ lifetime very seriously. We have the ability to analyze currently held assets and insurance plans, evaluate their effectiveness for our clients’ retirement and estate planning, and assist our clients in planning for transfer of those assets either during the clients’ life or at death. Our office uses a combination of entities, wills and trusts to minimize the tax effects of asset transfer, while maintaining our clients’ wishes regarding ownership and transfer. Agriculture/Real Estate/Water ●       Our experience in managing agricultural entities, including large ranches and farms throughout Nebraska and South Dakota gives us a unique perspective on the issues our client face. This experience carries over into assisting our clients with agricultural businesses, real estate purchases, water rights and well permitting issues. We strive to provide our clients with common sense representation while maintaining our requirements for exacting legal analysis and due diligence. Peterson Beel, LLP, works to protect its clients’ interests with honesty and integrity. Our firm has offices in Valentine, Nebraska and Winner and Martin, South Dakota specializing in: Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Probate, Business & Ranch Organization, Business Contracts & Services, Succession Planning, Real Estate Purchase & Sale, Employment Law, Agricultural Law and Water Rights. Give our office a call at (855)-588-4529 or (402) 376-2271 to schedule an appointment or check out our website at

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