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Raven Angus

Business Owner:

Rod, RJ, Reed and Linkyn Petersek

Raven Angus

Business Manager:


Find us online:
Physical Address

32554 287th St., Colome, SD 57528

Mailing Address

32450 284th St., Colome, SD 57528

About Us:

Raven Angus was founded in 1955 with 10 registered cows. The herd has grown to 1000 registered mother cows to date. Raven Angus runs year-round with much thought and calculation going into the quality of each year's herd. An extensive AI program has been employed for the last 50 years in collaboration with their huge embryo transplant program. The focus is more on quality than quantity. In a world of technology, with shortcuts available at every turn, the Peterseks try to keep their ranch natural. They AI over a couple month's time, watch them naturally, and heat detect. It is a little bit more labor intensive, but it pays off with a higher conception rate. The ET program is designed to select their top cows through production history, fertility and longevity and put them in our ET program to multiply top cows at a faster rate.

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