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Winner Livestock Auction

Business Owner:

Cody & Heather Moore, Nick Hayes

Winner Livestock Auction

Business Manager:


Find us online:
Physical Address

31690 Livestock Barn Road, Winner, SD 57580

Mailing Address

PO Box 611, Winner, SD 57580

About Us:

Winner Livestock Auction has been serving the livestock industry since 1933. Ted Daughters started the sale barn in 1933 and then sold it to Jack & Marlene Frantz in 1993, then in turn sold it to Frank & Donna Volmer in 2006. In 2010 Cody & Heather Moore bought into WLA and then in 2018 Nick Hayes started his partnership. Winner Livestock Auction holds their sales every Friday selling cattle and hay. You are able to watch/bid on our sale at This last year we have also offered selling Bred Cattle/Pairs via Facebook. If you have any cattle or hay to sell feel free to contact us.

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